Dane Moxlow Bio

Dane Moxlow was a professional race car driver at 18 when he decided to take a few years off to get a college degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Tennessee.  Now he’s back on the track, racing in the World Challenge GTS series.  In his first three races this season, Dane finished 16th at Laguna Seca, and 12th and 7th in the double header at the Detroit Grand Prix.

Dane Moxlow is a natural athlete with a mechanical background.  He’s a certified SCUBA diver and a licensed airplane pilot, as well as a driver of race cars, and he is just as comfortable under the hood as he is in the cockpit.  The family business, Trenton Forging Company, manufactures steel forgings in carbon and alloy steel, so mechanical artistry runs in the blood.  He even restores classic motorcycles in his new venture, Detroit Motion Company.  That’s a fitting name for a Downriver Detroiter who is making a name for himself in the racing world.

Like a lot of racers, Dane Moxlow is driven to be the best.  You almost have to be in a sport where compromise is only the relationship between accelerating and braking, but Dane Moxlow is particularly determined, and he’s back on the track.  Race mechanic, supercar driving instructor, pro driver, car designer, and now a graduate from Tennessee, Dane Moxlow is equipped for the full spectrum of the racing world.

Follow Dane on Twitter at @DMoxlow.